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For truth, look deeper.

The Hidn-Ander project reclaims tactile, dependable values for the fashion industry. We rejoice in quality products and quality relationships: truth, substance and knowledge, communicated directly. Hidn-Ander is fashion with soul, fashion without fiction, and worn by individuals – real people – who see image as precious, worth taking care of, as we do. Hidn-Ander revises style archetypes and restores quality. Products play with perception and convention. Each piece is a twisted classic, hand-finished in Italy. Layers are obscured or disguised, a secret between maker and wearer. Design employs mix-and-mismatch. Iconic new styles emerge from the clash of cultures. With every Hidn-Ander item there is a jarring recognition, comfort and discord. And from these mash-ups come something new and essential, products of layered complexity, with a unique point of view.

Modern and traditional unite. Hidn-Ander is retroconscious, informed by the styles and methods of the recent past, those enlightened moments before the internet claimed us all, when fashion was more than just handfuls of light. Put together the traditional and the progressive, the old and the new, become something real, something simply good. By working with factories close to home, Hidn-Ander takes care of the entire production process, and can be ecologically sound. The first step towards guilt-free manufacturing is not to follow the herd. The first step is not expedient, but sustainable, and meaningful.

Hidn-Ander comprises a collection of like-minded souls: artists, designers and craftspeople, specialists and visionaries, who challenge the hegemony of fast fashion and low standards. We decry shameless waste and meaningless transit, the collateral damage of sell-or-burn consumerism.

Hidn-Ander limits distribution to channels where market knowledge and genuine community connection are still valued. We limit the journeys undertaken by our products and their component parts, a distinct advantage to being Made in Italy. Hidn-Ander is for the customer in pursuit of something pure, for all those seeking authenticity.

Hidn-Ander: no false idols.